Areas of expertise

Full employee life cycle practice

New working arrangements, hybrid forms of employment, digital transition, the work place is currently experiencing deep changes. As a matter of fact, the legal environment keeps up with these changes and is becoming increasingly complex.

Littler France’s attorneys provide tailormade support to businesses in order to address theses changes.

Our areas of expertise

We support businesses at all stages of the employee life cycle.

From the recruitment to the termination, from international mobility to compensation packages, our experience and organization allow us to provide cutting edge advice that is always tailored to our clients’ needs.

Over the course of their careers, our teams have developed unique know-how enabling them to foresee risks, handle employee departures and anticipate litigation.

Conscious of the particularly sensitive nature of labor relations, we provide our clients with operational and strategic advice and assistance.

When preparing for collective negotiations, organizing professional elections, or supervising the consultation process before a social and economic committee, our approach is based on sharing know-how, in-depth knowledge of the environment within the company and joint elaboration of the strategy to be adopted.

Keenly aware of the profound changes in how working is organized, we help our clients design and implement new ways of working.

Shaping a new relationship between employees and employers, these transformations raise multiple managerial and human resources management issues as well as occupational health and safety issues.

Temp workers, wage portage, independent workers, loan of workers, home office, digital nomads, our attorneys will help you find the most relevant legal framework that applies to your organization.

In order to respond to the inescapable digital transition organizations must undergo, we assist our clients with data protection issues.

HR-related data processing audits, GDPR compliance, managing international data transfers, access rights, opposition rights, managing relationships with the CNIL (French data protection agency), we provide legal advice on all measures businesses need to take to ensure they are compliant.

We assist companies in developing and monitoring their occupational risk prevention policies: workplace accidents, occupational disease, psychosocial risks, accidents while going to and from work.

We proactively advise on what solutions and arrangements should be put in place, in each case drawing on the observations and recommendations made by the occupational health services.

We are able to handle all issues related to managing medical leaves and occupational disease. We help our clients draft their risk prevention documentation and annual prevention plans, ensuring that the various regulatory requirements are met.

We also provide companies with pre-litigation and litigation support in disputes involving these issues.

Our firm provides legal assistance dedicated to corporate officers.

We provide assistance to company officers in connection with determining and implementing delegation of power chains, compensation policies, holding multiple offices, managing appointment terminations and negotiating golden parachutes.

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