Areas of expertise

Litigation practice

New ways of working, new forms of employment, transformation of the working relationship, lack of employee well-being, quiet quitting … the work place is experiencing profound upheavals exacerbated by a difficult economic environment. Faced with this situation, employer-employee relationships can become tense, and the social climate can deteriorate.

In this particularly changing and sensitive environment, we represent and defend our clients in any kind of labour and employment law disputes: individual and collective disputes, strikes, workplace accidents, harassment, administrative, criminal, and civil litigation concerning undeclared work, etc.

We also represent professional training organizations and bodies financing vocational training in judicial and administrative litigation.

Together, we evaluate risks and develop the best strategy in view of the client’s objectives, constraints, challenges, and social climate within their organization.

We represent our clients before all courts and while seeking amicable solutions. We support and defend their decisions throughout the proceedings with the determination we have become known for.

We provide our legal assistance using a tested method. We design and develop our pre-litigation and negotiation strategy while amicable discussions are taking place. Once proceedings have begun, we build an effective litigation strategy backed by meticulously designed and researched arguments.

How we help in employment law disputes:

  • Individual disputes: assistance with litigation tied to employment contract terminations, harassment and discrimination, working hours, equal treatment, incompetence, workplace accidents, occupational disease.
  • Collective disputes
  • Election disputes
  • Disputes concerning the appointment of employee delegates and representatives
  • Disputes with URSSAF
  • Restructuring disputes: management of individual and collective litigation before the judicial/administrative/labor courts commenced during or after a restructuring.
  • Unfair competition
  • Criminal employment law: working hours, undeclared work

How we can help with professional training law:

  • Administrative litigation following a DREETs audit and/or CDC delisting
  • Disputes with clients and/or interns
  • Administrative litigation following a withdrawal decision by France Compétences (RNCP/RS)

  • Judicial and/or administrative litigation: dispute with professional branches or member companies, petition to cancel OPCO accreditation orders, debt recovery (contractual contribution), pre-contractual summary proceedings (calls for tender), etc.

We appear before all competent courts: 

  • Employment tribunals
  • Low and high courts of first instance (Tribunal d’instance, Tribunal de Grande Instance)
  • Judicial tribunals
  • Disability courts
  • Administrative bodies (Labor Inspectorate, DREETS etc.)
  • Criminal courts

Criminal employment law

Littler’s attorneys have a great expertise in criminal employment law. Our attorneys represent companies and management before French criminal courts on matters such as employee lending, undeclared labor, employment of foreigners in France, holding multiple jobs, accidents, and interference with the operations of employee representative bodies and unions. They also assist management facing criminal implications in connection with the management of their business’s human resources.

How we can help:

  • Violations of health and safety regulations applicable to working conditions
  • Affronts to human dignity: moral and sexual harassment, working or lodging conditions that are contrary to human dignity, illegal subcontracting resulting in the unfair treatment of employees (marchandage), racial, religious or gender discrimination
  • Obstructionism: obstructing employee representative bodies and unions
  • Concealed work: undeclared work, improper employment of foreign workers, unlawful loans of employees, unlawful receipt of unemployment benefits, unlawful holding of multiple jobs

Managing Major labor crises

The firm assists businesses with managing labor crises: strikes, sit-ins, serious accidents, incidents carrying high media exposure and creating negative impacts on reputation, image, and business activities.

Our attorneys represent clients in particularly sensitive and complex situations and work alongside psychological counseling units, outside service providers, and communications advisors.


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