We provide a wide range of services, including legal advice, representing our clients before the courts and performig inter- and intra-company training.

We adapt our billing terms in view of the type of matters as well as client requirements.

We aim developing long term partnerships with our clients, especially through consultancy partnerships, giving clients greater access to our teams.

For ad hoc assignments, we prepare provisional budgets based on an estimate of the time we are likely to work on the matter.

Our tools and organization allow us to closely monitor and detail time spent on cases so that invoices are based on our team’s actual time investment on the matter and the complexity of the file.

An engagement letter drawn up at the beginning of the relationship defines how legal services will be invoiced.

We also provide a list of all our attorneys’ hourly rates.

Each invoice includes a detailed breakdown, enabling clients to know what services were provided over the invoice period and and were charged in the invoice.